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Data privacy information

The following data privacy information will give you an overview of how we record and process your data. Please consult our privacy policy for complete information.

What data do we save?

1. When you access our website

The IP address is recorded in the log file of the load balancer. This ensures the smooth running of the website and protection against attacks. The log files are deleted after seven days.


2. When you enter data on our website

  • On the contact form: your first name, surname and your e-mail address

  • If you subscribe to our newsletter: your e-mail address


3. We do not record any other data.


How do we record your data?

The data that we record every time the website is accessed is automatically recorded; we only record other data entered by you.

What do we use your data for?

  • Your data will only be used to provide, optimise and ensure the security of our online services

  • With your authorisation, we use your data to accept communications from you.

We do not use your data

  • for profiling

  • for advertising

  • and we never pass on data to third parties, except:

    • to pursue our own legal interests, especially if the data is linked to an attack on our IT structures.

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