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whitepapers, case studies, industry reports, and more.

Mechatronics Handbook

This online handbook is a great resource for anyone interested in mechatronics. It covers a wide range of topics, including sensors, actuators, control systems, and more.

Mechatronics Education

This website provides information on mechatronics education programs and resources, including textbooks, curricula, and online courses.

Robotics and Mechatronics

This website is a comprehensive resource for information on robotics and mechatronics, including news, articles, and forums.

Mechatronics Journal

This journal publishes peer-reviewed articles on topics related to mechatronics, including control systems, robotics, sensors, and more.

IEEE Robotics and Automation Society

This society is dedicated to advancing the field of robotics and automation, including mechatronics. They provide access to research, conferences, and resources for professionals and students.

Mechatronics Reddit

This subreddit is a community of people interested in mechatronics, robotics, and automation. You can find discussions on topics such as programming, control systems, and sensor technologies.

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