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Mechatronics Opportunities in India

Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary branch and a combination of several different engineering such as mechanical, electrical, and computer. Mechatronics engineers help in automating the processes. They create, operate, test, and maintain different machines that are created for the purpose of automation specifically in the manufacturing industry. They act as a link between technicians and engineers. Mechatronics has been proven as an essential foundation for the expected growth in the automation and manufacturing industry. Mechatronics professionals know both mechanical and electrical engineering fundamentals. They can work with massive industrial robots, control systems for bottling and packaging of food and drink products, drones, small robots in pick and place operations, designing control systems for the rides in the amusement parks, etc. Skilled mechatronics engineers are in high demand in the field of designing and operating internet control of machines, autonomous robots, and engine management systems. Let us see in detail the eligibility, scope, and future opportunities of mechatronics Engineering in India:

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