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A mechatronics forum typically offers membership plans that give access to exclusive content, resources, and tools for individuals interested in the field of mechatronics. 


  • 1 week

    Valid for one week
    • include access to the forum ,blog, and podcasts.
  • 1 month

    Valid for one month
    • Members will have access to a wide range of resources
    • Expert advice on mechatronics topics
  • 12 months

    Valid for 12 months
    • Members will have access to exclusive events
    • workshop and lectures on mechatronics topics.



Membership to our Mechatronics Forum is available in four different plans: Student, Professional, Organization.

Student Membership: This plan is designed for full-time students studying mechatronics or a related field. It offers access to our online library of educational resources, including courses, webinars, and workshops, as well as the ability to connect with other students and professionals in the field through our online community.


Professional Membership: Designed for working professionals in the mechatronics industry, this plan offers access to all of the resources included in the student membership, as well as additional benefits such as access to industry events and networking opportunities.

Organization Membership: This plan is intended for organizations such as companies or research institutions that have multiple employees working in the mechatronics field. It includes all of the benefits of the professional membership, as well as the ability to create a company profile and connect with other organizations in the industry.

All memberships are non-refundable and will automatically renew each year.

Join our Mechatronics Forum community and connect with professionals and students, gain access to exclusive resources and stay up-to-date with latest developments in the field.

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