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Spread awareness about Mechatronics forums events and competitions in your college.


Plan and organize events in your college with the support of Mechatronics Forum


Strategize new sessions, workshops and innovative word of mouth campaigns


Act as a representative for Mechatronics Forum,promote the festival in your circles


Ensure enthusiastic participation from your college at Mechatronics Forum 2022-2023

Why become a mechatronics forum college ambassador?


You strive to improve your skill set and are open to exploring new opportunities to learn and grow


You are keen on improving your management skills and enhancing your image


You are creative, tech-savvy, enjoy solving problems analytically and thinking outside the box


You are curious about science and technology in general and tuned in to recent trends


What does it mean to be a College Ambassador?

-As a College Ambassador, you will be the representative of Mechatronics Forum at your institution. You will be the first point of contact for any student who requires information about Mechatronics Forum and you’ll be responsible for assisting them as and when required.

Am I eligible to be a College Ambassador?

-To be eligible, all you need is a valid student id and a whole lot of enthusiasm.

How can I apply for the post of a College Ambassador?

-Click on the Google Sign In button to apply now! Once the registration is complete, you will not be able to change your email address. Allow pop-ups if prompted to do so.

What are my responsibilities as a CA?

-As a College Ambassador, you will be required to share Mechatronics Forums posts on all social media platforms and put up posters on your college notice boards. You will also be instrumental in conducting workshops and sessions under the aegis of Mechatronics Forums, FORUM PORTAL on your campus.

How much time and effort would I have to invest?

-You are expected to put in 1-2 hours every week on an average. Consistent commitment and sincerity toward the assigned tasks are imperative.

Can there be multiple College Ambassadors from one college?

-Yes, depending on the size of the college, Mechatronics Forums can appoint multiple College Ambassadors.

How will my progress be monitored?

-You will upload proofs of your work on the CA portal, we will verify them and reward you with points, which are a measure of your progress. Please feel free to reach out to your mentors in case you have any queries.

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