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Payment Terms :

  1. If an enrolment is requested for any Course via the Site, Application or Services, We will either pre-approve, confirm or reject the enrolment request within the period of 7 days from the date of request for enrolment (‘ Enrolment Request Period’ ), otherwise the enrolment request will automatically expire. If We are unable to confirm or decide to reject an enrolment request within the Enrolment Request Period, any amounts collected by Forum-Portal for the requested enrolment will be refunded to the concerned Student. When We confirm an enrolment requested by a Student, Forum-Portal will send the Student an email, text message or message via e-mail and the Application confirming such enrolment, depending on the selections you make via the Site, Application and Services.

  2. The Course Fees payable will be displayed to the Student before the Student sends an enrolment request to forum portal. Upon receipt of the Students enrolment request, FORUM may initiate a pre-authorization and/or charge a nominal amount to Student’s Payment Method pursuant to the Payments Terms. If a requested enrolment is cancelled (before any tuitions are provided), any amounts collected by Forum Portal will be refunded to such Student, depending on the selections the Student makes via the Site and Application, and any pre-authorization of Student's Payment Method will be released, if applicable. 

  3. Forum Portal will collect the Course Fees from Students at the time of the enrolment request. 

  4. Forum Portal agrees that no refund will be permitted in respect of tuitions already provided and  in accordance with the cancellation policy reflected in the relevant Listing, (i) permit the Student to cancel the enrolment and (ii) refund to the Student that portion of the Course Fees specified in the applicable cancellation policy. In case relevant Listing does not have a specified cancellation policy, the refund amount would be pro-rata to the unconsumed portion of the tuition.

  5. You agree that Forum Portal through its Site or Application would raise system generated invoice to the Student in relation to the Course for which the Student has enrolled  or in relation to any kind of payment done, as per applicable laws. Forum Portal will raise invoice for the above which shall be inclusive of all applicable Taxes. 

  6. You as a Student agree to pay the Course Fees for any enrolment requested, in connection with your Forum  Account. Forum Portal will collect the Course Fees pursuant to the Payments Terms.

Cancellations and Refunds:

  1. If, as a Student, you wish to cancel a confirmed enrolment made via the Site or the Application, after enrolment to the Course, the cancellation policy contained in the applicable Listing will apply to such cancellation provided that no refund will be made in respect of tuitions already provided. Our ability to refund the Course Fees and other amounts charged to you will depend upon the terms of the applicable cancellation policy and financial charges applicable in case of course payment through No Cost EMI options. Details regarding refunds and cancellation policies are available via the Site and Application. Forum Portal will initiate any refunds due pursuant to the Payments Terms. Please refer to the Refunds section of FAQs for latest updated terms and conditions for various categories of listings/courses. 

  2. If We cancel a confirmed enrolment made via the Site, Services, and Application, (i) Forum Portal will refund the Course Fees paid by the Student for such enrolment to the applicable Student pursuant to the Payments Terms which shall not exceed the total amount paid by the Student

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